Thursday 29 July HAWAIAN PARTY for children


We inform our customers that the Hawaian Party for children will take place on Thursday 29 July from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm at the Le 2 Baie bathing establishment, organized by Smiley World Animazione.

Children’s age between 3/12 years.


Given the health emergency, the presence of ONLY one family member is required, in order not to create gatherings


Limited number event: reservations are recommended by Tuesday 27 July, even with a simple text message to the following numbers:

3516687777 Annamaria

3475001987 Andrea


The cost of the event will be borne by the Le 2 Baie 🤠🤠🎭🎭 plant

Good day

Andrea Le 2 Baie

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